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With cannabis, the river floods, giving that fish access to everything beyond the river banks that used to imprison it. From the bank, the fish can stare back at the river, using the new perspective to understand it more fully.

  • And in an unregulated industry, where transparency is lacking and products can exceed $75, some wonder whether CBD oil is simply snake oil in disguise.
  • Rather, they are encouraged to say that it regulates mood, alleviates discomfort or promotes gut health.
  • Before using CBD products, Ward said people should consult their doctors, particularly to ensure it will interact well with any medications they’re already taking.
  • But there are other people who have used CBD products with little effect.

Legalization of Cannabis in certain states has been proven to reduce the number of opioid overdose deaths, and to help people suffering from substance addictions . Proven not only to reduce the side effects of Hep C treatments , but also to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Out of a group of Hep C patients who used cannabis, 54% got and kept their viral levels low, while only 8% of non-cannibis-users did the same. Proven to reduce inflammation and the pain it causes, helping patients suffering from countless conditions from IBS, to Arthritis. Here’s a map showing where in the United States it’s currently recreationally or medically legal.

Two talented photographers, who have oceans of talent that the world doesn’t know about. I loved how proud they were when they showed us and I wish that type of pride in yourself was more widespread.

Joe pulled up an old video of himself doing a snare solo during his time in Drum Corps. It was the most unbelievably precise, free, and complex drumming I’ve ever seen (I know it sounds like I’m over-selling it, but I was genuinely blown away). After that, Katie pulled out a portfolio of illustrations she’s made.

I’ve been a creative for well over 10 years now, but most of that time has felt like I had blinders on. I created work that I thought was decent, but I couldn’t see what made it decent.

Every now and then I’d be lucky enough to create something or see something that really spoke to me, but I wouldn’t be able to replicate that feeling because I didn’t know what, specifically, was causing it. It wasn’t until just after the Great Depression, when American politicians pointed that familiar blaming finger at immigrants and people of color that the stigma was born.

Those who are predisposed to certain mental illnesses or psychosis may CBD gummies find that cannabis strengthens those illnesses, so, if that’s you or you’re unsure, I’d absolutely suggest talking to a doctor first. If you’re under a certain age , using cannabis can affect your cognition since the adolescent brain is still developing. If you’re interested, please wait until you’re of age.

Cannabis tends to expand your ways of thinking. Imagine your sober thought pattern as a fish in a river, restrictively guided along by the walls of earth that limit it’s path.

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As Mexican immigrants came in, they brought with them their favored form of medicine/intoxication, which turned into handcuffs when the first anti-cannabis laws were passed . The point of me writing this isn’t to promote uneducated Cannabis usage. It’s to promote a healthy understanding about what Cannabis is, what it isn’t, and to help break down the stigma attached to it.

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