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Condom Finder: Condoms can drive back intimately sent Zika

What guys may do to end the Spread of Zika During and After Travel

  • She should not travel to an area with a Zika outbreak (as indicated by red areas on the Zika map) if you have a pregnant partner,. See more info on precautions women that are pregnant just simply take.
  • When you have a expecting partner and journey to a location by having a Zika outbreak (as suggested by red areas on the Zika map) or even a location with present or previous spread of Zika (as suggested by purple areas on the Zika map), utilize condoms from beginning to end each time you have actually sex or would not have sex for the whole maternity. Follow these guidelines even though you usually do not feel unwell.
  • In the event that you as well as your partner are intending a pregnancy, confer with your medical practitioner or other healthcare prov
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Exactly How Zika Spreads

In the event that You go to A area with Risk of Zika

There’s two steps that are key should just take to prevent Zika.

1. Prevent Mosquito Bites During Travel as well as for 3 days After Your Return

Even though you don’t have signs

  • Preventing mosquito bites whilst travelling will decrease your chances of getting Zika from contaminated mosquitoes.
  • Preventing mosquito bites once you return will decrease your odds of distributing Zika to mosquitoes home. Regional mosquitoes could possibly get infected from biting you, then bite other folks and distribute Zika for them.

2. Usage Condoms (or Don’t Have Intercourse) During and After Travel

This can avoid spreading Zika through sex.

The time of the time during that you should make use of condoms after travel relies on your position:

Condom Finder

Condoms can force away sexually transmitted Zika. See them in your area

Guys with Pregnant Partners

Utilize condoms or don’t have intercourse when it comes to pregnancy that is entire

  • Every time you have sex for the entire pregnancy after travel to an area with risk of Zika, use condoms. To work, condoms must certanly be utilized from beginning to end, each and every time during vaginal, anal, and dental intercourse.
  • Perhaps Not sex that is having the possibility of intimately transmitting Zika to your lover. You should assist protect your spouse throughout her maternity because:
    • You may have now been contaminated with Zika rather than understand it, because it usually will not cause symptoms.
    • There’s absolutely no available test to learn you are to pass Zika through sex if you have Zika in your semen or how likely. Zika can stay static in your semen that can be passed to your spouse (together with fetus) for months after disease, regardless of if you’ve got no signs.
    • Zika disease during pregnancy may cause serious birth defects.
  • Pregnancy and Zika

Guys Preparing Pregnancy using their Partners

Wait at the very least three months before trying to conceive

  • After journey to a location with threat of Zika, wait at the very least a few months if you develop symptoms), before trying to conceive with your partner after you return, or after symptoms start.
  • With this time, use condoms to greatly help protect your spouse from getting Zika through sex.
  • Safeguard your lover so she will have a pregnancy that is healthy
    • You may have already been contaminated with Zika rather than understand it, as it frequently will not cause symptoms.
    • There is absolutely no available test to understand when you have Zika in your semen or exactly how most likely you might be to pass through Zika through intercourse. Zika can stay static in your semen and may also be passed to your spouse (plus the fetus) for months after illness, no matter if you’ve got no signs.
    • If for example the partner becomes pregnant and contaminated with Zika, it may cause birth that is serious.

To get more about Zika risks and factors

Men Who Aren’t Concerned With Pregnancy

Consider using condoms or perhaps not sex that is having at minimum a few months

  • The period that is 3-month begin whenever you get back from travel or after signs begin, if you develop symptoms.
  • This may assist protect your lover from getting Zika through sex if you’re contaminated and don’t understand it. Condoms would be the method that is only preventing both maternity in addition to spread of Zika.
  • In the event that you or your lover has signs and symptoms of Zika or have issues, keep in touch with a physician or other healthcare provider.

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