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Hags are not just unsightly previous girls, but precise witches.

The identify is a shortened kind of “hedge-r >Sprite is a variant of “spirit”-clearly in this context not effervescent, but evil. Since Horrors convey on horror, some audience of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe presume that Wooses make people woozy. But wooses is most probably a variant kind of the archaic phrase woses , wild people today of the woods. Orknies are monsters described in the Anglo-Saxon saga Beowulf, spelled orcneas in Previous English.

(Tolkien’s orcs are derived from the exact supply. ) Also from Anglo-Saxon is ettin , an archaic title for an evil big. This term seems all over again in The Silver Chair , where Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum are pressured to cross the Ettinsmoor, the plain of giants.

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Wraith is a Celtic phrase, the title for a phantom or apparition. (This time period also appears in The Lord of the Rings epic, the Ringwraiths who have turn into spectral slaves of Sauron.

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) The Efreets who be a part of the White Witch appear all the way from the Middle East . Efreets are ghouls or evil jinn (genies) in Islamic legend. The White Witch herself is affiliated with Lilith, from Hebrew lore, and an evil jinn. She is apparently a destructive amalgam of Jewish and Islamic mythologies.

The White Witch appears to be also to be a new embodiment of Jadis, the evil queen in The Magician’s Nephew . Lewis defined in Scientific tests in Words and phrases that the word villain was from French (referring initially to a peasant villager, another person not at all frank ). And in the Chronicles, numerous of Lewis’s villains get their names from French. As pointed out before, Jadis will come from the French word for “situations of yore,” perhaps a reference to the useless environment of Charn she has destroyed.

Charn is also from French, suggesting a graveyard. (The phrase “charnel property,” a depository of bodies or bones, is from the very same resource. ) The White Witch’s chief of police is identified as Maugrim in the first English editions, a name which brings together Outdated French maugre, “ill will” with grim.

In Prince Caspian there is a new usurper to be defeated, whose name, Miraz, suggests mirage, a untrue physical appearance. And this wrong king’s treacherous a >Glozelle , French for “flatterer, deceiver. “Names of the small children. Early in 1949, C.

S. Lewis’s buddy and fellow creator Sister Penelope sa >nom de plume, but it d > The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was posted the next yr, the four little ones who first entered Narnia had been the Pevensies. Evidently, Lewis located a title he favored just before he designed the figures to go with it. As for their specified names, Lewis seemed to decide on what he drawbacks >The Previous Struggle, when Aslan instructions Peter, as High King, to shut the door on the darkish, cold space that had the moment been the outdated Narnia.

Peter pulls the door shut and locks it with a golden key, a gesture which phone calls to mind the scene in the Gospels in which Jesus tells his disciple Peter he will give him the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven . Lewis dedicated the very first Narnia story to be printed, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , to his god-child Lucy Barfield, the daughter of his lifelong pal Owen Barfield. Surely, it is no accident that the most pure-hearted character in the Chronicles is also named Lucy. Eustace’s co-adventurer Jill in The Silver Chair may also be named in honor of an individual Lewis understood. One of the evacuees who arrived to the Kilns in the course of Globe War Two was Jill Flewett, who lived there for two years and received the hearts of anyone in the family. The Lewis brothers stayed in touch with Jill immediately after she remaining Oxford and took up an performing job.

A person of the quite number of films they attended was The Woman in the Hall (1947), in which she appeared less than the title Jill Raymond.

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